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Full Coverage, Porcelain Dental Crowns in Auburn, WA

Dr. Durflinger helps patients make the best decisions to suit their needs and health goals when choosing cosmetic and functional dental restorations from her Auburn, WA dental office. In order to provide the best care possible, we are meticulous about final results, including establishing bite balance and choosing a color and shade that leaves patients truly satisfied with their smiles.

Aesthetic Tooth-Colored Dental Crowns

When selecting the best aesthetic restoration for your needs, we first determine the level of damage to teeth. Before applying dental restorations of any kind, our Auburn dentist closely examines your bite alignment to ensure that any issues with jaw protrusion or interference caused by irregularities in tooth height are not contributing to broken or damaged teeth. If your bite requires correction, we provide therapies to help find a comfortable position and support that new balance with dental restorations that fit your smile.

Our cosmetic dental treatment philosophy is to always inform before we perform; prior to recommending any course of care, Dr. Durflinger takes times to make sure that you completely understand the current state of your health and how different treatment options can both encourage better dental wellness and meet your cosmetic goals.

Your Dental Crowns Options at our Auburn, WA Dental Office

We provide a number of ways to achieve a beautifully restored smile through the use of dental crowns, based on the extent of damage and how heavy your bite is. When you visit Auburn Family Dental Care, you and Dr. Durflinger can discuss advantages of any of the following:

¾ Crowns – These more conservative restorations are wrapped over the edge of a tooth for a seamless restoration. Partial coverage crowns can work if you have an older, unattractive filling but portions of your tooth are still healthy enough to preserve. Partial crowns are not recommended, however, for large cavities or more comprehensive damage to teeth.

Full Coverage Dental Crowns - Our beautiful, all-porcelain crowns are precisely engineered to fit a margin so your restored tooth looks exactly like your natural teeth. Patients who are ideal candidates for full coverage crowns are those with a heavy bite who lack sufficient dental enamel for a partial crown restoration. Dr. Durflinger utilizes life-like and durable e.max® porcelain on both front and back teeth, as it is strong enough to stand up to bite force and is cosmetically appealing to appear flawless on front teeth. 

Alternatives to Dental Crowns – If your tooth is too damaged to place a dental crown, Dr. Durflinger carefully discusses alternative restorations. When it’s time to move forward on a tooth that can no longer support prosthetics without failing, our goal is to provide you with something that will last a lifetime. Dr. Durflinger’s standard of care is about longevity, total health, and managing decay removal. If you need a whole new tooth, our office provides options, including permanent dental implants.

Learn More about Cosmetic Dental Restorations – Contact Our Office Today!

We want all of our patients to be able to enjoy the benefits of a comfortable bite supported by dental restorations that fit and promote lasting health. For more information about cosmetic dental crowns and aesthetic dental restorations, contact our Auburn, WA dental office to schedule your consultation.