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Auburn WA Implant Dentistry Services: Full-Mouth Reconstruction & Teeth Replacement

At Auburn Family Dentistry, we provide patients with high quality care, which includes the gold standard for replacing missing teeth: dental implants. Our dentist, Dr. Marie Durflinger, and her team work in conjunction with local specialists to ensure that your treatment is cohesive, comprehensive, and provides best results to meet your expectations.

Implant Dental Services in Auburn, WA

We welcome patients to visit our Auburn implant dentist to get their treatment plan started through an evaluation and discussion of options. This planning process is designed to ensure that all parts of your procedure are successful and provide you with a stable and long-lasting replacement for missing teeth.

Dr. Marie works with your dental specialist, or implantologist, to coordinate the surgical placement of your dental implants.  Both doctors review your plan for care to determine if any pre-treatments, such as bone grafts, are necessary and how best results can be provided. With successful treatment, dental implants can provide:

• Replacements for all Parts of Lost Teeth
• Simulation for Better Bone Health
• Improved Dental Function
• Better Aesthetics than Full and Partial Dentures

After your implant procedure has been completed and implants have successfully integrated into bone, Dr. Marie welcomes you back to her office for aesthetic restoration of your smile with a single implant crown, dental implant supported bridge, or a fixed implant denture – whichever option meets your needs for teeth replacement. Your prosthetic is created from a trusted local dental lab to match the color of surrounding teeth and according to specification from our office for a natural final result.

Full Mouth Reconstruction with Implants

While implants prove effective for a great many patients, perhaps the most life-changing results are provided for those who are missing all of their natural teeth and have been struggling with removable dentures. Dentures are economical and popular, but they are held in place with temporary adhesive and are notorious for easily slipping out of place, rubbing on gums and irritating soft tissue, or causing so much of an inconvenience that patients fail to wear them at all.

With just a few dental implants however, Dr. Marie and your implantologist can create a plan of treatment that stabilizes your denture to be significantly more comfortable and strong, allowing you to eat all of your favorite foods and feel confident about your smile. Our Auburn, WA full mouth reconstruction services with implants include a variety of implant-supported devices, including snap-on dentures with two implants or completely screw-retained and non-removable dentures.

Learn more about your Implant Options – Contact Our Office

For more information about how implants can predictably and successfully replace any number of missing teeth in your smile, contact Dr. Marie for your implant consultation in Auburn, WA.