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Periodontal Care in Auburn, WA - Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease causes inflammation and damage to both soft tissue and bone that supports the teeth. While periodontitis is attributed to poor oral hygiene and can become painful, at Auburn Family Dental, Dr. Marie Durflinger and her team provide comfortable options to treat your smile and alleviate any stage of gum disease you are currently experiencing.

Identifying Stages of Gum Disease

Understanding the progression of gum disease can change your treatment regime greatly. Gum disease comes in two major stages: gingivitis and periodontitis. 

Gingivitis is seen in patients with buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth and below the gum line, resulting in inflamed soft tissue. As this is a mild form of infection, gums may bleed easily and can be red and swollen. If you notice these issues on your own smile, contact our office for your next appointment.

Periodontitis is the outcome of untreated gingivitis. Patients in this stage of gum disease may see gums receding from teeth. With advanced cases of gum disease, connective tissue and bone that holds teeth in place can be damaged and teeth may become loosened.

While gum disease can be intimidating, it’s important to note that it is treatable, especially when caught and cared for as soon as possible.

Gum Disease Treatments at our Auburn Dental Practice

Our Auburn dentist offers gum disease treatments with a focus on patient education and use of modern technology for effective care. At Auburn Family Dental, we offer deep cleanings with oral rinses to treat infection.

Deep cleanings are performed with ultra-sonic instruments that gently remove plaque and tartar above and below the gum line, as well as smooth rough spots on tooth roots. This process also removes bacteria and creates a smooth and clean surface for gums to reattach. Scaling and root planning with ultra-sonic dental tools eliminates infectious material rapidly from tooth surfaces.

We focus on providing periodontal care with the use of innovative technology that allows us to treat your smile with precision. For patients who feel uncomfortable or anxious regarding their procedure, we offer anesthetic for a comfortable and relaxing experience that minimizes discomfort. We also have N2O upon request.

Avoiding Gum Disease Complications: Preventive Soft Tissue Treatments

 Dr. Marie Durflinger and her staff understand the importance of an effective at-home oral care regime. This is why we provide patients with education on gum disease and recommend tools such as a rubber picks, floss holders, and oral rinses to boost your hygiene routine and ensure up-keep of results from in-office procedures. Patients that receive gum disease treatments are typically placed on a three month maintenance schedule that supports on going treatment to prevent re-infection and ensure stability of the disease. Paired with at home oral care, we hope to see great improvement to your smile, overall health, and satisfaction.

Questions about Periodontal Care? Contact Us Today!

Gum disease can be treated at any stage. At Auburn Family Dental, Dr. Durflinger focuses on treating you with care and attention to detail to promote dental health and overall wellness. Contact our dental practice for more information about our gum disease treatments and how we can help you.