Children's Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry in Auburn, Washington

At Auburn Family Dental, we see children of all ages. Dr. Marie Durflinger’s caring approach will make your child feel at ease and our team of caring professionals makes their dental experience fun and interactive.  

Child-Friendly Dental Office

We have a special children’s movie and play den to entertain your little one prior to their appointment.   At your child’s dental cleaning appointment, we will spend time teaching basic brushing, flossing, and nutrition because we believe that the prevention of decay and gum disease starts with good habits formed in childhood.

If your child needs dental x-rays, our low dose digital imaging offers your child the most advanced technology available today.  In the event that your child does have tooth decay, we offer the options of oral sedatives and nitrous oxide sedation to give your child the best and most relaxed experience possible. 

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Check out Dr. Marie’s blog to learn more about kid’s dentistry here.


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