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Cosmetic Services at Auburn Family Dental

The best outcome for your smile always begins with a simple question: “What do you really want?”  With today’s advancements in esthetic dentistry, there are so many ways to enhance or recreate your smile but the most important thing is that you are happy with the end result.

Dr. Durflinger takes cosmetic dentistry to the next level. It’s more than just creating a great-looking smile; functionality and longevity are equally important. View Dr. Durflingers Smile Gallery,

Dr. Durflinger will take into consideration your entire mouth, including your bite. Cosmetic treatment is planned so that your teeth can fit together even better than in their natural state. When teeth fit better, they work better, resulting in a proper bite to help decrease the wear and tear on your dental restorations.

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The following are some of the advanced cosmetic techniques and services offered by Dr. Marie Durflinger to restore, enhance and protect your smile:

All Porcelain Crowns and Bridges — Used to restore decayed, broken or missing teeth. They are strong and look very real.

Professional Teeth Bleaching — A safe, effective whitening system to give you whiter, brighter teeth.

Porcelain Veneers — Quick, effective solutions for chipped, cracked or worn teeth. They can also close gaps, disguise discolored teeth, and straighten slightly misaligned teeth without braces.

Cosmetic Bonding — Using materials that match the shade, translucency, and texture of your teeth, bonding can close gaps between the teeth and eliminate spots, chips, and discolorations.

Tooth-Colored Fillings — Our fillings are the same color as your tooth and produce a very natural look.

Dental Implants — Our lifelike implant restorations look and feel completely natural. They’re a great way to restore your smile if you have one or more missing teeth.

Dentures — We custom-craft both full and partial dentures and use implants to securely anchor your dentures, whenever possible.

Full Mouth Restoration — We are experts at reconstructing teeth that are badly damaged or in poor condition.

Full Cosmetic Reconstruction — We can reconstruct smiles that have been damaged due to accident or injury.

TMJ Care — Symptoms of TMJ can range from head and neck aches to popping or clicking when you open your jaw. We use treatments that can range from bite guards to occlusal adjustments.

Sports guards — We can create custom devices to help protect you or your child’s smile while playing contact sports.

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