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Dentures & Partial Dentures


If your teeth cannot be saved and need to be removed, we recommend two sets of dentures: healing (immediate) and a permanent denture.

Healing Dentures

This denture is made in advance of your surgery date to have the teeth removed. The healing denture is placed immediately after surgery so you will not be without teeth. As your surgery sites/gums heal, there are many changes taking places – swelling, shrinking of bone and tissue making the denture tight or loosened. During this initial phase, Auburn Family Dental will be working with you during this phase to keep you as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

Permanent Dentures

At approximately six months, the bone and gums are remodeled, a new impression of the gum ridge is taken. Auburn Family Dental works with a denture lab to create durable, functional, and life-like smiles. The best part about the permanent denture is that you can fit it in your mouth to ensure your smile is perfect before the denture is completed at the lab. 

Removable Partial

This type of partial is a good solution for replacing one or more of tooth-colored artificial teeth, especially in complicated situations where other replacement options are not possible. Removable partials are the most economical options for missing teeth, but may be the least aesthetically, because of the metal clasps on the appliance are impossible to conceal completely.

Proper oral hygiene and regular dental visits will the aide in the life of your new dentures or removable partial.